How to Catch a Catfish in a River

How to Catch a Catfish in a River

If you want to learn how to catch a catfish in a river, then read on. – I’ve outlined the 8 most important things to do when fishing for catfish, and hopefully with the techniques outlined here, you’ll be able to catch not just one, but many monster catfish.

1- Be ahead of the game – A catfish grows non-stop!

Catfish is the most common fish found in rivers, they are available in different sizes, some small, while some grow to be ‘monsters’. Like all kinds of fish, catfish undergo a type of growth known as intermittent growth; this means that unlike animals where growth stops when maturity is reached, Catfish growth never stops.

The price associated with a big catfish catch has led many people to engage into fishing mainly as a form of sport. To be ahead of the game, the following are required: razor skills, right baits, perfect timing, and some luck.

2- How to catch a catfish in a river – Skills needed

It is the desire of every angler to hit on the big one. Pursuit of the big catch has become a preoccupation to some anglers, and they search Catfish in major rivers hoping that they will finally strike ‘Gold’. For a person who has never ventured into catching catfish, the big question is; how to catch a catfish in a river? Below are some skills that if practiced well, will ultimately make the business of catching cat fish child’s play.

3- Master all Catfish habitats

In explaining the techniques used to catch a big catfish, it is necessary first to get an insight on their habitat. Once that is understood, you’ll reduce on the time taken to find the suitable fishing location. Catfish like habitats is mostly were water flow is not rapid. They hate fast flowing water. They like slow moving waters so that they can easily spot their prey due to their poor vision. From this fact, catfish will be mostly found in ridges, places where there are natural piles, and reeds. So fish near points, bridges, and deep water. But sometimes catfish also feed in shallow water. With that said, how do you then make your kill?

4- Equipments needed to effectively catch a catfish

There are arrays of equipment that can be used to effectively capture catfish, some of them include:

• Bait- Catfish have very strong scent glands. Use strong smelling baits such as chicken livers, clam snouts (get from tackle shop), or sweet corn. Stink baits containing blood and cheese are also good. Bait has an advantage in that; catfish, unlike other type fish, go for any kind of bait. Other common types of baits that are used include: crayfish, minnows; worms, dead small fish, shrimp etc… you can virtually add any edible stuff. The catfish will simply come that way.

• Rods- Provided that you can easily handle the rod, a medium heavy rod measuring six to seven feet can be used. Also, try to fish with at least two rods. Cast one rod close to you and the other one farther out. This allows you to cover more ground.

• Fishing lines- There are a variety of fishing lines to select from, such as Fluorocarbon fishing lines among others, if you intend to catch a big catfish, it is advised to go for stronger fishing lines. Once you have selected the appropriate fishing equipment;

• Select a suitable spot, if you are in the bank of a river then bait your hook preferably with a smelly bait that will easily attract the catfish.

• Cast your line, if you have sinkers, you can attach on your line and wait. Waiting can take long or you can be lucky and in few seconds you have your catch. Patience is advised here. Fishing has been known to test the patience of fishermen to its limits.

• If you get a bit, the reaction should be almost immediate. Lift your pole upwards and immediately start reeling, reel till you get hold of the fish. If the fish is big, you might require the assistance of another party, remember that the fish is fighting for survival and will fight to the bitter end, your effort should surpass the catfish for you to make the catch.

5- Noodling

How to Catch a Catfish in a River Noodling is not a common way of catching Catfish. It literally involves catching catfish with your bare hands! It requires one to have animal instincts and a high threshold for pain. Noodlers usually track the cat fish to their breeding grounds and insert their hands into the catfish hole. The catfish will see the hand as a threat and bit it off. The noodle takes this opportunity to grab the Catfish and pull it out of the water using their muscle power. It certainly comes with occupational hazards, but to Noodlers, its is way of bringing the bacon home.

6- How to catch a catfish in a river – Keeping it simple

Just to keep it simple and conventional, use chicken liver on a number 2 hook or bigger if you prefer. Find a place where the water slows and cast out and let the bait sit on the bottom. Use enough weight to keep it on the bottom if the water is flowing hard. Some people like to throw out without a bobber. The flowing water will make the bobber bounce and make you think that something is messing with your bait. Just keep the line tight and watch your rod tip. You can also cast up stream of log jams preferably on or near deep water at dusk, while letting the current take the bait and the line. Whenever you feel that there is enough line out, flip your bail and hold your pole and wait for the strike. Cats usually will hit 3 times then take the bait hard.

7- Tips when fishing for Catfish

• When searching for a big catfish, be in the company of other fishermen, to aid in the struggle
• Use a sliding ledger rig when fishing for catfish
• Patience is part and parcel of fishing, always keep that in mind!

8- Use the techniques recommended in the “How To Fish For Catfish” guide

If you want to get advanced tips that will enable you catch monster catfish, then I suggest you use the methods recommended in the “How To Fish For Catfish” guide. “How To Fish For Catfish” is a great a comprehensive guide that has all the secret fishing guidelines, methods, techniques and strategies for catching huge and gigantic catfish. This guide has been used by thousands of people worldwide and most of them are now successive monster catfish catchers.

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